RANDALL FRANSEN: Usually I'm referred to as "the tall guy," I was born in Oklahoma but Colorado has always been my home. I rock the BC in the high country and melt faces along the front range on the weekdays.

The concept of my domain name stems from how I came to be and a general philophy I hold. But before I tell you that, I must tell you this: My father was a "yuppie" Director of Marketing, registered republican, mustache aficionado and master blaster financial adviser. My mother; she burned her bra, taught me conservation and gave me my first CSN&Y record. I didn't get the 50/50 break most kids do with weird parents... I got it all [including the mustache]. I am an amalgam of complete opposites. My process incorporates extremes and I never jump to conclusions before I've considered all angles or evidence or opinions... whatever you want to call them.

Other than that, give me crunchy peanut butter, some good hip hop, snow and a job and I'm fairly easy to keep satisfied.