5000 printed, provided to all bars and venues that hosted events for Warren Miller's "Dynasty." a "fill in the blank" spot encouraged viewers to take them home and write on them.
The pattern in the background is comprised of the bubbles in the Thought Equity Motion logo.
This served as the platform for converting a successful brand of stock footage in Australia to a Thought Equity product after its acquisition.
One of a short-lived series of ads.
Total overhaul of the business system that was incorporated into the brand identity.
Runner up treatment for "The 11th Hour" email blast.
A logo for a start up company in Bristol, England.
Logo for an EDL tool from Thought Equity's website to help Final Cut Pro editors reconnect clips they used from TEM's library.
co:labs was to the be parent company for Baron Modeste. The logo illustrates a meshing of styles and tastes.
to see the full look book, click here.
Thought Equity's "Storyline Collection" is built on the idea that one campaign should use the same locations and talent. I devised this and other examples to show the potential of buying stock from this collection.
High end salon opening in Oklahoma City.