We took the 4th largest sports website on the internet and turned replicated it's structure with real bacon. View the video to see how we made it. This placement also replaced all content on ESPN and Yahoo's home pages with "baconized" content; changing words and images to Bacon. 20,000 Interactions with the take over and 11.9 million earned media impressions.

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QUICKTIMES: View the Yahoo! Sports placement here. View the ESPN placement here.

belVita was launched as part of the Kraft Foods network. This site utilizes responsive design and development, offering the same experience across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile browsers with full animation including Canvas elements for the coffee steam [no flash].
Using Twitter's API, we tracked happy and sad emoticons and used that info to develop an algorithm that tracked the mood of the Twitterverse. Free pudding was given away to users who tweeted sad emoticons.

PRESS: CREATIVITY || Mashable || The New York Egotist

Also compatible with Android/WP7.
Cast sharable hexes on opposing sports teams or players using real practitioners of black magic.

PRESS: Miami New Times gives credit to SportsHex for Miami win. || Guyism || TNSP SportsNet

Support site for SportsHex iPhone app.
Kraft created social media conversations by tabulating real-time voting on a daily question about topics & behavior at the dinner table.
Facebook & banners offered support to the broadcast spot that gave consumers a coupon for free Mac & Cheese.
Users were encouraged to upload their personal photos to a site that displayed them on a Times Square billboard [pre-moderation]. Cuervo had 2 minutes of time for every hour on the board.
A custom CMS was modified to manage both English and Spanish sites. The entire Spanish site was a mirror of the English site and created from a composite of a separate Spanish site [previously managed by a 3rd party] and the original English site.
Flash & HTML. Enhancement to BK's menu page where users could build their on meal. Certain menu items received badges for lower calorie counts and a final status badge for building a meal that was under 650 calories. Meals are shareable on social networks.
This and 3 other ads directed users across Bonnier web properties to participate in a 60 day give away. The purpose was to promote the Warren Miller Film tour as well as the new skiingmag.com and skigmag.com.
I directed the Flash design as well as edited the video and made the motion graphics
This was to be a series of touches to entertainment producers, reminding them that Thought Equity had an array of tools to solve problems that arise at the very last minute.
A mock of a potential stock music search results page.
This was the home site for Baron Modeste, a brief period for me in Men's fasion.
theamalgamprocess.com v1.0.